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Car Repair Services

Broken down? Car won't start? Something going wrong or you don't feel you can trust your car? At Wajgee Automobile Garage we are happy to resolve any problem on most car models with help of our domicile professional staff and our cross-network automobile repair and car makers round the globe.        

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Auto Refurbishment

Our goal in Wajgee Automobile Limited is to exceed the expectations of all our clients by offering them exceptional superior services that keep them looking no further for alternatives. we professionally analyse, plan, construct and re-align your damaged or accident vehicles back to its original state.


Car Wash Services

Wajgee Automobile Car wash garage gives your automobile body and engine the optimum care required to keep in shape and moving on the road. If you stay on the Lekki, VI, Ajah axis of Lagos, you really don't want to patronise any other car wash other than an established well equipped, trained and cost effective car washing unit with impressive serenity.

Our Most Popular Services

Oven Bake Auto Spraying

You can count on our expertise at oven bake auto spraying. The excellent output of our finished spraying jobs always leaves our clients marvelled at the quality displayed.


Auto Parts Sale

Top quality brands imported from our partners in Europe and the USA. Our patronised brands include Denso, Bosch, Lion, Knecht, Mikayo, PCL, Pagid, Filtair, Crossland, Textar, Blueprint, Sachs, Hengst, Valvoline etc.


Auto Diagnosis

We ensure your vehicle is properly scanned before service is carried out, diagnosing the entire engine functions with our world class diagnosing device and physical checks of replacement parts such as brake pads level, stabilizer linkage thoroughness, the tyres, brake disc, the arms, engine seat, gear gauge etc.




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