"Our MD/CEO, A very positive, forward-thinking and hard-working chief executive who strives to achieve the highest possible standard at any given occasion with strong managerial and automobile repair/service background".

Highly self-driven and reliant, set out aims, targets with good strategic appreciation and vision along with implementing sophisticated plans - leading by example with fantastic collaborative approach couple with good interpersonal skills to engage, motivate and encourage others to achieve desirable objectives and results through innovation and purposeful leadership.

Over 8years exposure in the Automobile repair industry managing Wajgee Automobile Limited with a current workforce of 10 full time engineers and office managers coupled with over 15 contracted engineers in various mechanical and electrical field respectively.

Education Profile

Severn Business College United Kingdom - 2014/2016
Stonebridge Associated Colleges United Kingdom - Nov 2012/June 2013
Lagos State University Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria - from 1996 to 2000
Home Science Secondary School, Lagos, Nigeria - from 1994 to 1996
A.D.R.A.O International Secondary School, Lagos, Nigeria - from 1990 to 1994


About the company
The company was incorporated in 2007 with company registration no: 727329. Wajgee Automobile Limited is a state of the art automotive servicing company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The firm specialize in all aspects of automotive services - striving to make driving a safe and pleasurable experience for all our clients across Nigeria. Our wide range of services includes auto repairs and servicing, crashed repair and augment, auto spraying & panel-beating, vehicle interior augment, auto AC Repair, auto car wash and selected auto parts sales.

We are a company working towards big dreams; dreams of one day becoming the major automobile repairer covering larger geo-political zone of the federation as well as opening auto parts sales shops across Lagos for ease drive-in auto parts purchases. To attain this height we have continually ensure we keep abreast of the latest mechanical and electrical technologies, ensuring we maintain optimum customer satisfactory services, keeping cost low by engaging varying auto parts dealers and offering pro-efficient after-service delivery to keep our current customers happy (hence giving us a edge 'referral wise').

We have good exposure repairing and servicing various cars makes such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Infiniti, Mitsubishi coupled with far reaching knowledge dealing with Range Rover and Mercedes Benz. We have high-tech machine to diagnose wide range of cars and with 8 years expertise on the job - we have in a lot of ways mastered the business of car fault diagnosis and repairs.

Mission Statement

Mission of Wajgee Automobile Limited is to provide excellent service delivery for all our customers, ensuring their vehicles are given optimum attention and proficient repair using genuine parts along with properly equipped and trained personnel to achieve this. Keeping the environment free of toxin is part of our priority and we contribute to this important corporate social responsibility by disposing replacement parts in the most responsible way possible.

Vision Statement

To be the most respectable and first point of call automotive repair company in Lagos and the rest of Nigeria and to continuously empower our technicians by way of training and good remuneration to keep them 100% committed to quality service delivery to customers.

Watch word - "We win when the customer says we win"
Guided by five cardinal principles:
1. Quality and Safety first
2. Invoice value for money
3. Create returning customers
4. Provide excellent after-business service
5. Train and re-train employees for improved service


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