Broken down? Car won't start? Something going wrong or you don't feel you can trust your car? At Wajgee Automobile Garage we are happy to resolve any problem on most car models with help of our domicile professional staff and our cross-network automobile repair and car makers round the globe.

We ensure your vehicle is properly scanned before service is carried out, diagnosing the entire engine functions with our world class diagnosing device and physical checks of replacement parts such as brake pads level, stabilizer linkage thoroughness, the tyres, brake disc, the arms, engine seat, gear gauge etc. Once this is done, our clients are updated as we go ahead servicing the car with top-notch award winning engine oils, ATF and power steering fluids as required by the car.

You can be rest assured we keep to time and budget for car service or repair and either show you upon pickup the parts exchanged or load in your boot for your view in case a representative is picking the car up. Loyal and good credit customers are given priority in terms of free periodic diagnosing of their vehicles. Our aim is to keep all our customers happy by keeping their fleets fit for use on the roads with little or no fear of breakdown.







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